The Story of Eli Whitney

The Story of Eli Whitney

By: Jean Lee Latham Complete Authored Works
Published by: Aladdin Books
Publication Date: 1953
Series: American Heritage Series

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Only a story like this, which gets inside the mind and heart of the characters, can give young Americans an understanding of their history. From the faith of a Yankee pedlar at the beginning of the Revolution, from the sympathy of Thomas Jefferson, from the confidence of spirited, lively Catherine Greene, Eli Whitney drew the strength to travel the long road of achievement. But this story make it vividly clear that the spark of genius within the man himself was needed to create the tools that changed the face of America. 

Fritz Kredel’s clear and simple illustrations add beauty and distinction to this moving story. 

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The Story of Eli Whitney  Reprint

The Story of Eli Whitney
Reprinted in 2019 by The Good and The Beautiful
Reprint Cover Art by Lydia Colburn
Available formats: Paperback
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This unabridged version has updated grammar and spelling.


The Story of Eli Whitney Reprint

The Story of Eli Whitney
Reprinted in 2000 by Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd.
Available formats: Paperback
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This reprint includes original illustrations. 

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