The Story of David Livingstone

The Story of David Livingstone

By: Vautier Golding
Published by: T. C. & E. C. Jack, Ltd
Simultaneously published by: E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc.
Publication Date: 1906
Series: The Children's Heroes, Hall of Heroes

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A clear, simple account of Livingstone's pioneer work in Africa as explorer, medical missionary, and suppressor of the slave trade. Describes the horrors of the slave trade and Livingstone's efforts to thwart the slave traders in Africa and to bring awareness of the dire situation to the people of England and around the world. Emphasizes his indomitable courage and persistence in the face of countless difficulties to achieve his lifelong goal of doing as much good as he could for those most in need of it. 

From the back of the Yesterday's Classics reprint

The Story of David Livingstone Reprint

The Story of David Livingstone
Reprinted in 2007 by Yesterday's Classics
Available formats: Paperback
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Black and white illustrations

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