The Shooting Star

The Shooting Star

By: Margot Benary-Isbert
Published by: Harcourt, Brace and Company
Publication Date: 1954
Series: Annegret Benninger Series
Series Number: 1

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A mountain vacation was what Annegret and her mother needed to recover completely from pneumonia—that is what the doctor ordered and that is what Father planned. Mother made all kinds of objections to leaving Germany and going off to Switzerland for three months without Father. Annegret, too, was listless about the idea, but the day came when they departed by train for Arosa, a small resort high in the Alps. Even when Annegret found they were to stay in a delightful house called The Shooting Star, with a small observatory attached, owned by an astronomer and his wife, she didn't feel excited.

But as the wintry days went by, she began to discover more and more things of interest. First of all, there were the birds that came every day to the balcony feeding station. Then there was Jurg, a neighbor's boy who brought Mother's groceries up from the village and who, when Annegret was well enough, gave her skiing lessons. And often in her thoughts was the mystery of the small gray donkey who seemed to Annegret to have stepped right out of the Bible Christmas story.

The clear beauty of the mountain country, the independence of the sturdy people who live there, the growing self-reliance of a nine-year-old girl are woven into a happy story by the author whose first book published country in this country, The Ark, won immediate-acclaim.

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