The Secret of the Swamp King

The Secret of the Swamp King

By: Jonathan Rogers Complete Authored Works
Published by: Broadman & Holman Publishers (B&H Publishing Group)
Publication Date: 2005
Series: The Wilderking Trilogy
Series Number: 2

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Your Majesty —

I write to warn you: your most dangerous enemy dwells under your roof. Beware the youngest son of Errol. He has convinced himself that he is the Wilderking of ancient prophecy, and the rightful occupant of the throne at Tambluff. His every action is calculated to convince your courtiers of the same...He shamelessly claims to be friends with feechiefolk, part of a scheme to build a legend around himself that is in keeping with the Wilderking Prophecy. Your majesty, it pains me to accuse a fellow Corenwalder of treason. But it pains me more to think that my king would be nurturing a traitor under his own roof.

Yours sincerley,

A loyal subject

From the back of the Rabbit Room Press Reprint

No one has ever come home from the Feechiefen Swamp. What makes Aidan think he can?

It looks like a fool’s errand. A jealous and vindictive King Darrow sends Aidan Errolson on a seemingly impossible quest into the depths of the Feechiefen Swamp. Darrow thinks he’s sending Corenwald’s young deliverer to certain death. No one, after all, comes back from the Feechiefen. He doesn’t know that Aidan has friends and allies among the feechiefolk, who know him as the hero Pantherbane.

But even the feechiefolk may not be able to deliver Aidan from the enemy who waits in the swamp’s deepest recesses—an enemy who threatens not just Aidan, but all of Corenwald.


The Secret of the Swamp King Reprint

The Secret of the Swamp King
Reprinted in 2014 by Rabbit Room Press
Available formats: Paperback
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