The Saviour of the World I: The Holy Infancy

The Saviour of the World I: The Holy Infancy

By: Charlotte M. Mason
Published by: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner, & Co. Ltd. (London)
Publication Date: 1908
Series: The Saviour of the World by Charlotte Mason
Series Number: 1

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. . . It seems to the writer that verse offers a comparatively new medium in which to present the great theme. It is more impersonal, more condensed, and is capable of more reverent handling than is prose; and what Wordsworth calls "the authentic comment" may be essayed in verse with more becoming diffidence. . . and it is possible to treat what we call dramatic situations with more force, and, at the same time, more reticence, in verse than in prose.

. . . It may be said, we have the whole story in the Gospels, and cannot hope or desire to improve upon that which is written. But this is true, also, of the Psalms; no poet's version can equal the original; a version in a new form is a concession to human infirmity, but we know how arresting a new, though inferior presentation is; no one can read the Gospels in another tongue, though in a poorer translation, without new convictions, new delight. For these reasons, the writer ventures to hope that a rendering in verse which aims at no more than being faithful and reverent may give pleasure to Christian people, may help to bring out the philosophical sequence of our Lord's teaching, and throw into relief the incidents of His life.

. . .If such at attempt send any one back to a more diligent and delighted perusal of the sacred text, its end will be fully accomplished.

. . .The scope of this work, The Saviour of the World, is to cover each incident and each saying in a single poem, blank verse or rhymed stanza, according to the subject. The poems follow one another in a time sequence, but each is distinct and separable. Therefore, though the work will, God willing, continue through a series of little Christmas volumes, each volume will be complete in itself and independent of the rest.

The first of these, called The Holy Infancy, from the first of the three Books it contains, covers about an eighth of the whole subject; so it is probable that the work will be completed in eight such volumes.

Ambleside, 1907

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The Saviour of the World I: The Holy Infancy
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