The Quiet Way Home

The Quiet Way Home

By: Bonny Becker
Published by: Bill Martin Books
Publication Date: 1995

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Shh. Listen carefully, can you hear them? Not the sounds of the rumbling trucks or the clanging cans. But the sounds that small things make. The whirring of a grasshopper, the thrumming of honeybees, the squeaking of a rusty tricycle.

Bonny Becker takes the quiet way home and in language that is rich and evocative, she turns the walk into an adventure.

Benri Huang's bright and gentle depiction of a special route home and a special relationship makes this a warm and reassuring red for nap time, for bedtime, and for any time when quiet, gentle sounds need to be heard.

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The Quiet Way Home Reprint

The Quiet Way Home        
Reprinted in 2019 by Purple House Press
Available formats: Hardcover
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