The Monkey's Fist

The Monkey's Fist

By: Anne Molloy
Published by: Houghton Mifflin Company
Publication Date: 1953

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Tim Sheridan liked his family's house, even if it was not like other houses. Living on a barge tied up to the Jersey shore of the Hudson River gave a boy endless pleasure. With his dog Susie, he would jump into his father's skiff and together they would spend exciting hours salvaging floating treasures on the river. An old pilothouse from some long-forgotten tugboat provided a good storage place and someday Tim hoped this would be a clubhouse — if ever some boys of his age came around. His only neighbors now were Granny Noonan and her seventeen-year-old grandson, Danny. But Danny thought only of working on tugboats and Granny could not forget the misfortune that befell every Noonan man who ever piloted a tugboat. No wonder she guarded the monkey's fist so well.

Then, without warning, a mysterious danger threatened the lives of these people. From the moment that the strange man appeared in the clubhouse, things happened. Susie was first and Tim thought he could not bear any more. Then his father disappeared, Danny's tugboat job turned into a nightmare and finally Tim himself was kidnapped.

This unusual story of smugglers and pirates on the river, of freighter fires and of courage and daring is a fast-paced thriller of life on the waterfront today. Anne Molloy has described dramatically, with accuracy and feeling, a little known part of American life which has been skillfully interpreted in the many illustrations by Joshua Tolford.

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