The Magic Meadow

The Magic Meadow

By: Edgar Parin d'Aulaire, Ingri d'Aulaire
Published by: Doubleday & Company, Inc
Publication Date: 1958

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High in the Swiss Alps, a beautiful meadow lay in the cool shadow of a glacier. Here Peterli herded goats and the cows from whose milk Grandfather made fine cheeses. And here he dreamed of the magic in the meadow and how it might bring great good fortune to him and to Grandfather.

And the meadow did bring luck, but not in a way the Peterli could ever have imagined.

The d'Aulaires have woven Peterli's story into a rich tapestry of Switzerland. The thrilling saga of William Tell, several of the most delightful Swiss folk tales, and a vivid picture of the country today, all play a part in the book. And, as with their book Ola, the glowing pictures and charming text carry young readers to another land.

From the dust jacket
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