The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read

The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read

By: Irma Simonton Black
Published by: Albert Whitman and Company
Publication Date: 1968

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Imagine living in a world where you could not read. Imagine how hard a simple task such as shopping for groceries would become.

This whimsical tale, told with humor and grace, portrays the frustration of the little old man who got everything all mixed up because he could not read.

Endearing illustrations by Seymour Fleishman bring the little old man to life.

From the dust jacket of the Purple House Press edition

The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read Reprint

The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read        
Reprinted by Purple House Press
Available formats: Hardcover
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In this edition of The Little Old Man Who Could Not Read, Purple House Press used the UK edition. Due to this, there are a few text changes such as "packet" and "tin" used in place of "box" and "can". You may even find other terms that jump out at you as being from the UK as you read the story. This aspect definitely adds some charm to this particular edition!

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