The Gift of the Christmas Cookie: Sharing the True Meaning of Jesus' Birth

The Gift of the Christmas Cookie: Sharing the True Meaning of Jesus' Birth

By: Dandi Daley Mackall
Published by: Zonderkidz
Publication Date: 2008
Series: Legends Holiday Series

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As Jack stepped inside, the heavenly scent of sweet bread and licorice wafted from the kitchen. Cookies!

But it couldn't be. Mom put every penny dad sent home straight into the cookie jar. There hadn't been a single cookie in that jar for over a year.

When Jack smells something delicious coming from the kitchen, he can't believe his nose. But his excitement turns to disappointment when he learns the cookies aren't for him. Instead, Mother is baking them for the needy people at their church. While Jack helps roll out the dough, his mother tells him the legend of the Christmas cookie—a tender story of giving not just cookies, but gifts of the heart that last forever.

This sweet holiday book offers inspiration for readers to become cheerful givers themselves and shares the true tale of Jesus' birth.

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