The Heroes, Or, Greek Fairy Tales for My Children

The Heroes, Or, Greek Fairy Tales for My Children

By: Charles Kingsley
Published by: Macmillan & Co. LTD (London)
Publication Date: 1856

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Charles Kingsley's most completely successful works is The Heroes, written in 1856. This is a retelling for his own children of three of the greatest of the ancient Greek legends, and it is undoubtedly the finest book of its kind published in the nineteenth century, and still unsurpassed.

The stories concern the legends of Perseus, the Argonauts and Theseus.

From the dust jacket of the Dent Dutton reprint

The Heroes Reprint

The Heroes
Reprinted in 2020 by Living Book Press
Available formats: Paperback
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The Heroes  Reprint

The Heroes
Reprinted in 2009 by Yesterday's Classics
Reprint illustrated by T. Heath Robinson
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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From the Copyright page: "This is an unabridged republication of the text originally published by Macmillan and Company in 1894. The illustrations by T.H. Robinson are from an edition published by Ernest Nister."

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