The Happy Hollisters and the Whistle-Pig Mystery

The Happy Hollisters and the Whistle-Pig Mystery

By: Jerry West
Published by: Doubleday & Company, Inc
Publication Date: 1964
Series: The Happy Hollisters
Series Number: 28

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While watching TV Pete Hollister hears about a train robbery in New England. Masked bandits have stolen almost a million dollars in cash from a mail car!

At the same time, the Hollisters receive a request from their friend, Fritz, the old woodcarver in Germany. Can the Hollisters go to a museum in nearby Foxboro and get him the dimensions of a wooden Indian called the "Settlers' Friend?"

"Foxboro!" Pete exclaims. "That's where the train robbery happened today!" Naturally, the Hollisters' instinct for detective work is instantly aroused.

Indy Rhodes, the Pueblo Indian who works for Mr. Hollister, and his sister, Snow Flower, volunteer to take the children to the New England town. In no time at all, the Hollisters are deeply involved in tracking down the train robbers and the robbers of the Settlers' Friend which has disappeared from the museum.

Ricky is accidentally kidnapped . . . Pam falls through a hole in an old covered bridge . . .a terrible hurricane engulfs them all. . . and Sue makes friends with a family of groundhogs, or "whistle-pigs," never suspecting that these little creatures will play a big part in helping the Hollisters solve both mysteries.

All kinds of escapades involve the Happy Hollisters in this new suspense thriller which takes them only a short distance from home and introduces them to a lot of fascinating Americana.

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The Happy Hollisters and the Whistle-Pig Mystery Reprint

The Happy Hollisters and the Whistle-Pig Mystery
Reprinted in 2019 by Svenson Group, Inc.
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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