The Happy Hollisters and the Old Clipper Ship

The Happy Hollisters and the Old Clipper Ship

By: Jerry West
Published by: Doubleday & Company, Inc
Publication Date: 1956
Series: The Happy Hollisters
Series Number: 12

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A rain storm and an unexpected guest bring this new mystery into the Hollister's lives when a lightning struck tree branch falls on a car in front of their home in Shoreham.

The car is occupied by a young Hawaiian, Tom King, who, although not seriously hurt, needs help from the Hollisters to get out of his car. While resting in their home, he tells them he has come all the way across the country in search of a log book from an unidentified clipper ship. The only clue he has are a few sketches of the ship which he hopes will be identified by one of the old clipper ship captains he has been told to see. This log book is important to Tom for it will prove his grandfather and grandmother were married on this ship giving him evidence that he is legally entitled to the inheritance left by his uncle.

How is this mystery connected with Gregory Grant and Lisa Sarno, the famous movie stars, and a motion picture in which the Hollister children have an active part? And who is the sinister stranger in the checkered shirt? Why should he first try to buy Tom's sketches of the clipper ship and then, failing that, try to steal them?

From the beginning to end this new story will keep you guessing as the Hollisters once again prove their ability as master sleuths.

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The Happy Hollisters and the Old Clipper Ship Reprint

The Happy Hollisters and the Old Clipper Ship
Reprinted in 2013 by Svenson Group, Inc.
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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