The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Golden Witch

The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Golden Witch

By: Jerry West
Published by: Doubleday & Company, Inc
Publication Date: 1966
Series: The Happy Hollisters
Series Number: 30

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When the Hollister family set off in the station wagon to buy a Halloween pumpkin, the last thing they ever expected was a mysterious adventure. But then they stopped to help farmer Johnson, whose wagonful of pumpkins had tipped over, and from the old barn near the farm house came a frightening sound. . ."Ooga, ooga!" Everyone jumped. Then Pete and Pam ran to investigate, but Farmer Johnson stopped them.

"That's only the horn from my old car. No need to get scared." But who had blown the horn? There was no one else around.

Pete caught sight of a girl in a red jacket running through the woods. When he described her to Farmer Johnson and the family, no one could imagine who she was!

This is just the beginning for Pete, Pam, Ricky and all the other members of the delightful Hollister family. They do find out who the girl is, but after they stumble onto an ancient gravestone behind the farmer's barn, they discover some large footprints in the mud, and meet a strange man who is searching desperately for a certain weathervane in the shape of a golden witch!

THE MYSTERY OF THE GOLDEN WITCH is one of the most exciting adventures the Hollisters have had so far. And who would think that four-year-old Sue Hollister could be the one to solve this mystery? Well, she does solve it and she earns a valuable reward that the whole family ends of sharing.

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The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Golden Witch Reprint

The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Golden Witch
Reprinted in 2019 by Svenson Group, Inc.
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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