The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery

The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery

By: Jerry West
Published by: Doubleday & Company, Inc
Publication Date: 1962
Series: The Happy Hollisters
Series Number: 21

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Ghost hunter wanted to rid

a haunted house of spooks!

Apply Mrs. Neeley.

The Antique House.

Their curiosity aroused over this unusual advertisement, Pete and Pam Hollister visit Mrs. Neeley to apply for the job. At first, they think the elderly lady is imagining things when she tells them that the spinning wheel sings and the grandfather clock strikes thirteen. However, they quickly change their minds when they see a light flickering in one of the windows and hear frightening cries coming from the old mansion. Running from the house that night, Pam loses her shoe in a tangled shrub. When she returns with the other members of the Shoreham Detective Club, they cannot find the shoe nor any clue to its whereabouts. Instead, they spot a stranger watching the Antique House. Pete later catches the same man watching the Hollister home and suddenly the family finds itself involved in another mystery almost as baffling as the one surrounding the Antique House.

How the Hollisters cleverly hunt down the "ghosts" hidden in the haunted house provides a thrilling climax to an adventure filled with danger, fun, and excitement. 

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The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery Reprint

The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery
Reprinted in 2011 by Svenson Group, Inc.
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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