The Frightened Hero: A Story of the Siege of Latham House

The Frightened Hero: A Story of the Siege of Latham House

By: Jean Lee Latham Complete Authored Works
Published by: Chilton Books
Publication Date: 1965

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This is the story of the siege of Latham House, one of the great castles of England, during the time of the Roundheads and the Cavaliers. Billy, the second son of Lord and Lady Derby, was left at home in Latham House as the man of the house when Lord Derby and his eldest son rode off to fight the Roundheads. When Latham House is surrounded by the forces of Lord Fairfax and an ultimatum is delivered to Lady Derby that she must surrender Latham House, along with all its soldiers, arms and ammunition, she vows she will not capitulate. Billy, although frightened, hopes he can help defend his ancestral home against the Cromwellian troops. His friend, Rolfe, a dedicated liege of Lady Derby, is suspected by the other soldiers of the castle as being a traitor, but Billy has faith in his friend and stands by him. When Rolfe is wounded it is Billy who saves his life. Billy, who confesses he was scared during the siege and the battle, finds that it is not impossible to be frightened and be a hero at the same time as Prince Rupert tells him when Latham House is saved. From the dust jacket

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