The Christmas Whale

The Christmas Whale

By: Roger Duvoisin
Published by: Alfred A. Knopf
Publication Date: 1945

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Santa Claus and his reindeer have always been part of the Christmas picture. That he or his reindeer might some day get sick has never occurred to anyone. Imagine Christmas morning with no presents in the stockings and none under the Christmas tree! Why, it just couldn't happen. But if it hadn't been for Santa's many friends at the North Pole and especially for the Kindly Whale, children all over the world would have been sorely disappointed the year that a flu epidemic put all of the eight reindeer in bed just eight days before Christmas. It would indeed have been a "catastrophic catastrophe." But thanks to Santa's many good helpers, the load of Christmas presents arrived on time - via the Kindly Whale, and as Santa Clause said, "I have found whale travelling extremely convenient. If there were not so many pictures and stories about my Reindeer and me, I would ask the Kindly Whale more often. After all, on Christmas cards, I would look just as glorious riding a whale as I do driving my sleigh. Whales are very decorative."

And we agree with him. For Roger Duvoisin has told a hilariously funny Christmas story to which he has added delightfully humorous illustrations. Grownups will enjoy both story and illustrations as much as will the children for whom it was written. 

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