The Christmas Stove: A Story of Switzerland

The Christmas Stove: A Story of Switzerland

By: Alta Halverson Seymour Complete Authored Works
Published by: Wilcox and Follett Company
Publication Date: 1951
Series: Christmas Around The World

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A tender and charming tale of two Swiss orphan children who seek a home with their aunt. Peter and Trudi arrive at their aunt's home a few weeks before Christmas to find her sick and barely able to support herself, much less care for two children.

Peter and Trudi bring some cheer to their aunt with their strong young faith in Christmas and their determination to help. And as Trudi says, they have a wonderful start toward Christmas joy with the Christmas stove in Tante's parlor—a beautiful enamel stove that has pictures of the Christ Child and other Christmas scenes.

Traditional Swiss customs of celebrating Christmas are described in Mrs. Seymour's book, as the children and their aunt work and plan for a happy holiday. Christmas Eve finally arrives, bringing a joyful climax to the story of Peter and Trudi.

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The Christmas Stove Reprint

The Christmas Stove
Reprinted in 2021 by Purple House Press
Available formats: Paperback
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