The Christmas Cake: In Search of Its Owner

The Christmas Cake: In Search of Its Owner

By: Roger Duvoisin
Published by: American Artists Group
Publication Date: 1941

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Peter was on his way to deliver the big, beautiful Christmas cake which Aunt Annabelle had ordered at Mr. Pennybacker's Pastry shop. He was a dutiful errand boy, but he stopped to play and lost the slip of paper with the address.

Peter thought of the pastry man's warning—if the boy ever lost an address again, he would be sent home. But Peter wasn't downhearted. It was a little town and if he just asked around, he would surely find Aunt Annabelle.

He asked the gasoline man and the watchmaker. Then he asked the shoemaker and the policeman. And the tailor and the garage man and the newsdealer.

No, no one knew anything about Aunt Annabelle. Peter sat down on the curb. There was no one else to ask. And even if he did find Aunt Annabelle, it would be too late; for now something terrible had happened to the big, beautiful, expensive cake. He couldn't go back to the pastry shop, and he was afraid to go home. Peter was helpless and heartbroken and hungry.

But just when he thought that maybe there wasn't any such person anywhere in the world, along came a little dog. He sniffed the cake; and the first thing you know, he led Peter straight to the solution of his terrible situation.

And what seemed like the most miserable day of his life became a very happy one for all.

You'll want to read this very interesting story over and over, and look again and again at the lively, fascinating pictures by the author-artist, Roger Duvoisin.

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