The Charming Sally

The Charming Sally

By: Maud Hart Lovelace Complete Authored Works
Published by: John Day Company
Publication Date: 1932

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Within the sparkling circle of those strolling players who first tempted Colonial America with the delights of the London stage, Maud Hart Lovelace sets forth the romantic story of two frustrated lovers. Meg, her heroine, is of the adventuring Hallam troupe—Joel is a Quaker, unafraid to fight for his heart's desire. These two first meet on shipboard when Meg flees from Drury Lane with the secret she hopes the new world will help her hide. How they find love, are parted and ultimately meet again is told with warm sincerity.

Equally exciting is the story of the infant theatre's fight for a foothold in the straitlaced colonies of the eighteenth century. The Hallam Company of Comedians is, of course, historic. Lewis Hallam, his statuesque lady, Malone of the Paunch, Singleton the gentle poet, are the very players who landed at Yorktown in 1752. But here they are more than lay figures in history. At Mrs. Lovelace's quickening touch, they step to glowing life from out faded playbills to make vivid and colorful the background of Meg's and Joel's love story.

This romance will still be a bright and living thing (as the author's The Black Angels and Early Candlelight still are) long after most of the novels of its year are dusty and forgotten.

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