The Cat Club or, The Life and Times of Jenny Linsky

The Cat Club or, The Life and Times of Jenny Linsky

By: Esther Averill
Published by: Harper & Row Publishers, Inc
Publication Date: 1944
Series: Jenny's Cat Club
Series Number: 1
List: Not to Miss Read Alouds for Children Ages 4-6

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Jenny Linsky, a shy black cat who wrote a bright red scarf, belonged to Captain Tinker. She longed to join the Cat Club which had parties every night where each cat displayed some wonderful talent—one could dance, one could sing, one could play the nose flute. But Jenny didn't know how to do anything, and she was shy. Then Captain Tinker made her a pair of beautiful skates . . .

Jenny Linsky is a real cat, and Jenny Linsky is her real name. The garden where Jenny lives and where the Cat Club meets is a real garden in the old Greenwich Village section of New York. The name of the garden, however, has been changed to keep curious people away. Cats like their privacy.

The author of The Cat Club knows Jenny Linsky well, and mentioned Jenny's ice skates to some children. The children asked, "Where did Jenny get those skates? And does she skate on two hind legs, or does she use four paws?"

The Cat Club, or the Life and Times of Jenny Linsky tells the answers to these questions. It is charmingly illustrated with many pictures in two colors and in black and white.

From the dust jacket of an early edition

Jenny and the Cat Club Reprint

Jenny and the Cat Club
Reprinted in 2003 by The New York Review Children’s Collection
Available formats: Hardcover
List: New York Review Children's Collection
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Includes: The Cat Club, Jenny's First Party, When Jenny Lost Her Scarf, Jenny's Adopted Brothers and How the Brothers Joined the Cat Club.

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