The Burgess Flower Book for Children

The Burgess Flower Book for Children

By: Thornton W. Burgess
Published by: Little, Brown, and Company
Publication Date: 1923
Series: Thornton W. Burgess' Natural History Books for Children

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"Use your eyes, Peter! Use your eyes! There are flowers in bloom already for we've seen them. What better sign that Mistress Spring is coming do you want?"

Peter jumped a foot off the ground. "Say!" he cried. "Are you crazy? Look at this snow all over the Green Meadow! Do you expect me to believe any such story?"

"We don't care whether you believe it or not, it is so!" cried the Merry Little Breezes, dancing around Peter and throwing snow in his face.

However, Peter started searching and he did find some, the first flowers of the year. All through the spring and summer, way into the fall, he hunted for the first of each kind of flowers as they appeared. Thus Peter learned to know more than a hundred flowers and plants.

This is a companion volume to "The Burgess Bird Book for Children," and "The Burgess Animal Book for Children." Like them, it is a story book which is also a reliable handbook on many of our common wild flowers, written in language children can understand.

The book is beautifully illustrated from photographs, many of them exquisitely hand-colored. It will lead little children into the wonderland of flowers, while adults will find in it much pleasure and profit.

From the dust jacket

This book is intended solely as an introduction for the youngest readers to the fascinating flower world. It makes no pretense to being a botany, or even a general hand book on flowers. Its purpose is to awaken and stimulate an interest in our wild flowers which may lead to a desire to know more about them and to seek such information int he many excellent books now available.

For the excellent photographs from which these illustrations were made I am indebted to Mr. L. W. Brownell, Mr. Henry Troth, the J. Horace McFarland Co. and The A. B. Morse Co., and to Miss C. M. Green for her careful work in coloring these photographs.

From the Preface

The Burgess Flower Book for Children Reprint

The Burgess Flower Book for Children        
Reprinted in 2019 by Living Book Press
Available formats: Paperback
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