The Brave Little Tailor, Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk

The Brave Little Tailor, Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk (Adaptation)

Adapted by: Jean Lee Latham Complete Authored Works
Published by: Bobbs-Merrill Company
Publication Date: 1962
Series: Jean Lee Latham's Children's Classics

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Once upon a time a little tailor swatted seven flies, and killed them all at one blow. Boastfully, he embroidered the words, "Seven at One Blow" on a fancy belt, and wore it out into the world. The adventures that befell him as a result of his foolishness are hilariously presented in this modern version of an old tale that children have approved for generations.

Hansel and Gretel, the nasty witch, and all the charming forest animals receive new life at the skillful hands of Newbery Prize winner Jean Lee Latham. Remember how satisfying the conclusion was when you were small? It still is!

Jack's mother was very angry when he came back from the market with only a pocketful of beans. But such beans! By the time they have produced a castle, a bloodthirsty giant, and the goose that laid the golden eggs, not even mothers will mind seeing a mother proved wrong—and children will be held spellbound.

This inviting new edition of three favorite tales is incomparably illustrated by Jose Correas and Pablo Ramirez, with the perfect combination of fantasy and realism in brilliant color.

From the dust jacket

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