The Borrowed House

The Borrowed House

By: Hilda Van Stockum Complete Authored Works
Published by: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Publication Date: 1975

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Reunited with her parents after a long, wartime separation, twelve-year-old Janna moves gratefully into the Amsterdam house"borrowed" for her mother and father, an eminent German couple who have come from Berlin to perform for the Nazi occupation forces.  Janna explores the house—find among other things a ring, a family portrait, a closetful of clothes for a girl her age—and begins to wonder about the Dutch family, the van Arkels, who had been so abruptly evicted when their home was requisitioned for Janna's parents.

As she learns more about the van Arkels and comes to know the servants they left behind, her Dutch tutor—and finally, the attractive, mysterious Sef—Janna finds her new knowledge of the Dutch disturblingly at odds with what the Hitler Youth organization has instilled in her.

Hilda vna Stockum writes as vividly, as revealingly, of the wartime Dutch scene from the German point of view as she did in her acclaimed 1962 novel about a Dutch family, The Winged Watchman.

From the dust jacket

The Borrowed House Reprint

The Borrowed House
Reprinted in 2016 by Purple House Press
Available formats: Paperback
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This is an unrevised edition. It includes a beautiful self-portrait done by the author as well as a forward written by her son.

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