The Book of Indians

The Book of Indians

By: Holling Clancy Holling
Published by: Platt & Munk
Publication Date: 1935

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As a boy, I wanted to know all about Indians. How did they really live? There were thousands of questions in my mind, and very few answers in the books I had.

In all parts of the country scientists are digging in the earth, writing about what they have found, and the things they find and the books they write are being stored in museums and libraries. Mrs. Holling and I have visited these museums and libraries and have talked with the scientists themselves. Besides that we have lived with Indians. In the northern forests we paddled their birch-bark canoes, and slept in their wickiups. We rode our horses beside theirs across the great plains and camped in their teepees in the mountains. In the desert they made us feel at home in their pueblos. We have fished with them in the surf of the Pacific Ocean. This book is a result of some of that hunting, riding, camping and research.

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