The Bears of Blue River

The Bears of Blue River

By: Charles Major
Published by: Macmillan Publishing Company
Publication Date: 1901

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"Away back in the twenties, when Indiana was a baby state and great forests of tall trees and tangled underbrush darkened what are now her bright plains, there stood upon the east bank of Big Blue River a cozy log cabin of two rooms..."

The boy who lived in this cabin had many adventures. These exciting chapters tell how he got a gun, how he was lost in the forest, who he met the one-eared bear, went on a wolf hunt, tracked the "fire bear," and almost was caught by a bear on his way to his "castle on the Brandywine." All these tales are fully illustrated with sketches and full-page pictures.

A boy for any boy or girl of eight to ten who loves the woods, who wants to know more about pioneers, and who likes bear stories.

From the dust jacket of 1961 edition

The Bears of Blue River Reprint

The Bears of Blue River
Reprinted in 2018 by Living Book Press
Available formats: Paperback
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Complete with all the beautiful illustrations by illustrators including A. S. Frost and others, this edition is not just a great story, but also beautiful to read.

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