The Angels' Alphabet

The Angels' Alphabet

By: Hilda Van Stockum Complete Authored Works
Published by: The Viking Press
Publication Date: 1948

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One of Hilda van Stockum's own small daughters asked for this book and all six of the children helped their mother to write it.

It's a charming collection of poems and pictures, one for each letter of the alphabet: A for Angels and Archangels, B for Balaam, C for Cherubim, D for Dominations, and so on to Z for Zeal.

A simple, friendly book of morals and faith, it's perfect for a family to read aloud and enjoy together.

From the dust jacket

The Angels' Alphabet Reprint

The Angels' Alphabet
Reprinted in 1996 by Bethlehem Books
Available formats: Hardcover
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The illustrations in this reprint have been newly colored by the author.

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