The Adventures of Philippe: A Story of Old Kebec

The Adventures of Philippe: A Story of Old Kebec

By: Gwendolyn Bowers
Published by: Aladdin Books
Publication Date: 1949

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Philippe was happy. The long journey from St. Malo was almost over. Already he could see the great rock of Kebec rising like a cliff out of the river. His father would surely be waiting for him on the dock.

But poor Philippe! There was no waiting father, and many months fulls of strange and exciting adventures were to pass before Philippe was reunited with his parents.

Christmas at the Manoir, snowshoeing through the woods, the excitement of Indian uprisings, studies with the good Brothers—these are but a few of the interesting scenes in this pleasantly dramatic story of Kebec and New France at the close of the seventeenth century.

The illustrations by Fritz Kredel are filled with authentic details. The tender charm and simple beauty of these drawings add distinction to the book.

From the dust jacket

The Adventures of Philippe: A Story of Old Quebec Reprint

The Adventures of Philippe: A Story of Old Quebec Abridged        
Reprinted in 2018 by The Good and The Beautiful
Reprint Cover Art by Tatiana Glebova, Fritz Kredel
Available formats: Board book
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From the copyright page:

This unabridged version has updated grammar and spelling.

Note: Two sections that contain mythical magic have been removed from this version.

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