Stolen Treasure

Stolen Treasure

By: Howard Pyle Complete Authored Works
Published by: Harper and Brothers
Publication Date: 1907

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Four short stories:

  • With the Buccaneers — Being an Account of Certain Adventures that Befell Henry Mostyn under Captain H. Morgan in the Year 1665-66
  • Tom Chist and the Treasure Box — An Old-time Story of the Days of Captain Kidd
  • The Ghost of Captain Brand — Being a Narrative of Certain Extraordinary Adventures that Befell Barnaby True, Esquire, of the Town of New York, in the Year 1753
  • A True History of the Devil at New Hope — At the time of the beginning of the events about to be narrated — which the reader is to be informed occurred between the years 1740 and 1742 — there stood upon the high and rugged crest of Pick-a-Neck-a-Sock Point (or Pig and Sow Point, as it had come to be called) the wooden ruins of a disused church, known throughout those parts as the Old Free Grace Meetinghouse.
    This humble edifice had been erected by a peculiar religious sect calling themselves the Free Grace Believers, the radical tenet of whose creed was a denial of the existence of such a place as Hell, and an affirmation of the universal mercy of God, to the intent that all souls should enjoy eternal happiness in the life to come. For this dangerous heresy the Free Grace Believers were expelled from the Massachusetts Colony, and, after sundry peregrinations, settled at last in the Providence Plantations, upon Pick-a-Neck-a-Sock Point, coadjacent to the town of New Hope. There they built themselves a small cluster of huts, and a church wherein to worship; and there for a while they dwelt, earning a precarious livelihood from the ungenerous soil upon which they had established themselves.
    As may be supposed, the presence of so strange a people was entertained with no great degree of complaisance by the vicinage, and at last an old deed granting Pick-a-Neck-a-Sock to Captain Isaiah Applebody was revived by the heirs of that renowned Indian-fighter, whereupon the Free Grace Believers were warned to leave their bleak and rocky refuge for some other abiding-place. Accordingly, driven forth into the world again, they embarked in the snow "Good Companion," of Bristol, for the Province of Pennsylvania, and were afterwards heard of no more in those parts. Their vacated houses crumbled away into ruins, and their church tottered to decay. So at the beginning of these events, upon the narrative of which the author now invites the reader to embark together with himself.

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