Sphinx: The Story of a Caterpillar

Sphinx: The Story of a Caterpillar

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1949
Series: Robert McClung's Animal Life Cycle Series

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This tale of the familiar caterpillar known as the tomato hornworm, which feeds on the leaves of tomato plants, is a classic in the life-cycle form. First published in 1949, it has introduced countless children to the wonders of insect metamorphosis. Now, completely reillustrated and redesigned, it is available to new generations once more.

The book covers the span of a year, the time the insect protagonist takes to grow from an egg to a caterpillar to a pupa to a big gray moth. The caterpillar's name is Sphinx as he looks something like the great Sphinx of Egypt whenever he is disturbed and raises his head fiercely. The lone survivor of a hatch of four eggs, Sphinx has many dangerous encounters before he reaches maturity. In the process of describing these adventures in miniature, the author tells about every step of Sphinx's development. 

A universal story of nature's renewal, Sphinx is distinguished by the passion for accuracy shared by both author and artist.

From the newly revised edition dust jacket

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