Shooting Star Farm

Shooting Star Farm

By: Anne Molloy
Published by: Houghton Mifflin Company
Publication Date: 1946

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When Sabra Douglas saw a horse van and a carful of people going to the empty farm next door, she was off in a flash to meet them. Sabra was lonely because she lived with her grandmother and wanted a girl her age for a friend.

To her delight the new family, who were going to start a riding school, contained Judy, and Sabra's loneliness was ended. But her adventures had just begin as she met a goat, a collie dog, and the Kelton twins — who spoke a secret language.

When everyone prophesied that the Shooting Star Farm riding school had a year to fold up in, they didn't reckon on Sabra and Judy, who saved the day. With a ghost and a sea chest added to the suspense, they even solve a mystery.

Anne Molloy's stories for boys and girls are both well known and well liked, for her characters are always real and convincing.

Barbara Cooney's black-and-white illustrations have a delightful humor and gaiety.

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