Shaun and the Boat: An Irish Story

Shaun and the Boat: An Irish Story

By: Anne Molloy
Published by: Hastings House, Publishers
Publication Date: 1965

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In this day of travel to every part of the world and books of facts and photographs about every continent, children learn about foreign countries at an early age. Rarely, however, do they get the feel of a land or become closely acquainted with any of its people.

To accomplish this is the purpose of this picture book and the others* by Anne Molloy on foreign lands. Both the author and artist have been to the special part of Ireland where Shaun lived, and they hope they have imparted a glimpse of the flavor and charm of his village to this story.

SHAUN was very proud of being the son of the best boat builder in Ballymoran. He thrilled to the talk of the coming race which his father and crew would try to win from the boats of other Irish villages nearby. To make things even more exciting, the Ballymoran boat was to be built by his father right outside their cottage.

But what was Shaun's part in all this? He wasn't big enough to row or old enough to hammer. How could he find a way to help—especially with those tinker boys to hinder and all? . . . This unusual modern Irish tale with its beautiful pictures by a recent Caldecott Medal winner gives an insight into another way of life very different from that of American boys and girls but just as much fun.

*For details on THE CHRISTMAS ROCKET (Italy) and A PROPER PLACE FOR CHIP (England) see the back of this jacket.

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