Sea Captain From Salem

Sea Captain From Salem

By: Leonard Wibberley Information you may want to know about this author
Published by: Ariel Books, division of Farrar, Straus, and Giroux
Publication Date: 1961
Series: The Treegate Chronicles
Series Number: 3

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The year is 1777, and America is in danger of losing the Revolutionary War because of the British blockade...Benjamin Franklin is sent to Paris to seek an alliance with France, but how will he ever be able to convince the French that the American battle is worth joining--especially when the French are still licking their wounds from their own loss to the mighty British Navy?

Franklin's only chance to prove the British Navy is not invincible—and that the American colonists are determined to fight to the end—is to put one unlikely fisherman from Massachusetts named Peace of God Manly (whom we met in Peter Treegate's War) in command of the sloop of war Hornet with orders to attack British ships in their own waters.

In this third book in the Treegate Series, Leonard Wibberley paints an exciting and authentic picture of this neglected but critical chapter in the Revolutionary War, mixing real historical figures such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and the Earl of Sandwich with the fiery, cunning, and devout sea captain from Salem.

Readers will learn about the Revolutionary War from the American, British and French points of view.

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Reader's of Peter Treegate's War will remember that Peter's life was saved by Peace of God Manly, the sea captain from Salem, who became Peter's close friend. In this story, Leonard Wibberley's third book on our Revolutionary War, Peace of God sails his sloop of war Hornet to France, where he receives sealed orders from Benjamin Franklin. Franklin is trying to persuade the French to give active aid to the embattled colonies, who are in danger of losing the war because of the British blockade.

In Sea Captain from Salem, Leonard Wibberley gives a vivid picture of this neglected but critical chapter in the War of Independence. Here is the aging Franklin, matching his keen with with Vercennes, the French foreign minister. Here is the dissolute First Lord of the British Admiralty, neglecting his task as Commander of the British Navy to squander his fortune on the gaming tables. Here is the Earl of Chatham—The Great Commoner—who before the war spoke on behalf of the colonists. And mixing with these great figures and influencing their lives is the sea captain from Salem—Peace of God Manly, who left his daughter and his fishing nets to raid British shipping with his sloop of war Hornet.

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Sea Captain from Salem Reprint

Sea Captain from Salem        
Reprinted in 2010 by Bethlehem Books
Available formats: Paperback
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