Screamer: Last of the Eastern Panthers

Screamer: Last of the Eastern Panthers

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1964
Series: The Animal Life Cycle Series


Catamounts, painters, lions, pumas, or cougars were some of the names given to the panthers that once roamed the mountains of Pennsylvania. But in 1885, when Screamer was born, there were very few of them left. In this realistic and accurate chronicle, Robert McClung shows what the life and struggles of the last Eastern panther might have been like.

Screamer's mother taught him and his sister how to stalk their prey and kill it. Fierce as these animals were, however, a fiercer enemy, man, killed the two female panthers, leaving Screamer alone. Screamer's life became one of danger and constant hunger, punctuated by the violent by necessary excitement of the hunt, until at last he grew into a vigorous adult. His story ends as he finds a mate and is trying against mounting odds to raise a family of his own.

With moving text and dramatic illustrations this book explores the world of a beautiful predator that has disappeared from its former haunts.

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