Scoop: Last of the Brown Pelicans

Scoop: Last of the Brown Pelicans

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1972
Series: The Animal Life Cycle Series

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Among the creatures on the ever-lengthening list of endangered species is the brown pelican. Now Robert McClung, widely known for his nature books, has written a life-cycle account of this engaging bird to dramatize its plight. Calling his protagonist Scoop, he relates his story from birth to beleaguered maturity.

Scoop's first appearance comes when his egg tooth chips through his shell. Then the reader follows him on his initial flight from the nest and his ensuing travels. In his fourth year Scoop mates and begins to rear his own young. Five years later he finds a new nesting location on Pelican Island, set aside in 1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt as our first national wildlife refuge. Contrasting their life in this protected area in Florida's Indian River with the fate of pelicans elsewhere, the author concludes with a general discussion of the environmental problems these birds face today.

Basing most of his illustrations on sketches done by the late Lloyd Sandford, Mr. McClung presents another authentic portrait of an animal threatened with extinction.

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