Ruby Throat: The Story of a Hummingbird

Ruby Throat: The Story of a Hummingbird

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1950
Series: Robert McClung's Animal Life Cycle Series

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Ruby Throat was only three and a half inches long and weighed just over two grams—less than a penny! But in spite of his tiny size, he was a great fighter and a fine flyer. His body was built for strong, swift flight, and he could travel faster than fifty miles an hour. When he journeyed south in the fall, he flew across the Gulf of Mexico for five hundred miles on his way to his winter home in Central America.

This fascinating picture-story of one year in a hummingbird's life is told in simple language and set in very large type. It is lavishly illustrated, with a picture for every page, many in color. Both text and pictures are entirely accurate, for the author-artist is a scientist. He is Assistant in the Department of Mammals and Birds at the New York Zoological Park.

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