Rome Antics

Rome Antics

By: David Macaulay
Published by: Houghton Mifflin Company
Publication Date: 1997

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Like turning the pages of a good book, turning corners in the city of Rome always offers surprises. With the help of a wayward homing pigeon, Caldecott Medalist David Macaulay takes us on a journey where two-thousand-year-old inscriptions share wall space with neon signs and wet washing. As cell phones bleep and scooters roar below, we circle ancient columns and baroque piazzas. We soar over sunbaked terra-cotta rooftops and hurtle dow narrow cobblestone streets. The pages of this topsy-turvy tour offer some of Rome's most magnificent architecture, from the Arch of Constantine to the stuccoed walls of the Palazzo Spada, along with a few of the countless fragments and details that make exploring this city such an overwhelming and rewarding experience.

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