Red Horse Hill

Red Horse Hill

By: Stephen W. Meader Complete Authored Works
Published by: Harcourt, Brace and Company
Publication Date: 1930
List: Junior Literary Guild

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A story for boys about boys and horses. Bud Martin was an orphan, but he was not quite alone in the world. He had Tug, a bull terrier. Together they picked up a living in the trucking stables where Bud's father had been a driver. There Bud learned to love horses and how to handle them.

On the New Hampshire farm where, after leaving the Boston stables, he found a home with Uncle John and his wife, this stood him in good stead. He took care of the lightning-swift roan colt, Cedar, and even had the immense responsibility and joy of driving him to victory in the championship cutter races of New Hampshire.

Here is a tale full of country sights and scents, the tense anxiety of tracing and finding Cedar when he was stolen, and the thrill of the snow races. It is Stephen Meader at his best.

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Red Horse Hil Reprint

Red Horse Hil        
Reprinted in 2005 by Southern Skies
Available formats: Hardcover, Paperback
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