Pierre Toussaint: Pioneer in Brotherhood

Pierre Toussaint: Pioneer in Brotherhood

By: Arthur Sheehan, Elizabeth Odell Sheehan
Published by: P.J. Kennedy & Sons
Publication Date: 1963
Series: American Background Books (Lives of Catholic Heroes and Heroines in American History)
Series Number: 24

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Born a slave in Haiti, in 1776, Pierre Toussaint became a symbol of interracial understanding and universal charity far from his native land. Just as a bloody revolt of the slaves against their French masters broke out in Haiti, led by another of his name—Toussaint l'Ouverture—Pierre came to New York with his owners, the Bérards. There, over a long period of years, he was to overcome the barriers of race by another method, one most peculiarly his own.

When the once wealthy Bérards lost all they had, it was Pierre Toussaint's earnings as a hairdresser and his courage which supported them in exile. Both before and after receiving his freedom, Pierre devoted himself to others' good—paid for the freedom of other slaves, sheltered and trained homeless Negro boys, nursed the plague-stricken of the city, supported orphanages, helped the needy regardless of race or creed.

In the life of early New York, Pierre Toussaint played an astonishing role, and was the friend and confidant of many of the most prominent personages of his day. The family of Alexander Hamilton, the Schuylers, the LaFarges, the Bancels, were among those who esteemed him during his life and honored his memory after he had gone. Among their children he was a favorite, for he was an accomplished story-teller and musician.

This touching and inspiring life of Pierre Toussaint well explains the legend that has long surrounded his name and will introduce a great personality to a new generation of American boys and girls. 

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Pierre Toussaint: Pioneer in Brotherhood Reprint

Pierre Toussaint: Pioneer in Brotherhood        
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