Petunia's Treasure

Petunia's Treasure

By: Roger Duvoisin
Published by: Alfred A. Knopf
Publication Date: 1975
Series: Petunia Stories

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Lucky Petunia! She has found a treasure chest at the bottom of the river. Now she is rich—and important! But she soon learns about all the worries wealth can bring.

All night long she dreams her treasure is being stolen. All day she listens to the squabbling of her barnyard friends as they tell her how to spend her riches. Pumpkin Farm becomes a battlefield and Petunia is a wreck. Full of woe, she goes back to the river to find a little peace and quiet. What she discovers about that treasure chest changes her life again.

Here is Roger Duvoisin at his best. And here are all the animals of Pumpkin Farm—Cotton the cat, Noisy the dog, Straw the horse, Ida the hen—old friends in a delightful new story.

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