By: Hilda Van Stockum Complete Authored Works
Published by: Viking Press Inc
Publication Date: 1941
Series: Bantry Bay Series
Series Number: 3

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When Pegeen's granny died, and the neighbors were all for shipping the little girl off to her uncle in America, she remembered the promise that Francie O'Sullivan had made to her, and it was to Glengarriff that she went, at least until Uncle Dan could be heard from.

With four children, the O'Sullivan household was far from quiet, but it was only after Pegeen's arrival that the kettle fell down the well, the soup was burned, the pigs let out, Mrs. O'Flaherty's cow ridden into a panic, Brigid's doll ruined entirely—oh, and a dozen other pieces of well-meant mischief. When the day for her departure came, there was many a black mark against the wee brown maid, but America was far away, and Glengariff was home.

Here are the lilting speeds, the quick wit, and the background of legend and magic that is the heritage of Ireland. There many be nothing magical or strange about these children, or about the simple turn of days in the hills of County Cork, but there is magic enough in the way their story is told.

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Reprinted in 1997 by Bethlehem Books
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