Peeper, First Voice of Spring

Peeper, First Voice of Spring

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1977

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For many, the pe-ep, pe-ep, pe-ep of the tiny spring peeper signals the coming of spring. Here in lyric prose and handsome pen-and-ink drawings, a carefully researched portrait of this inch-long tree frog, Hyla crucifer, is presented.

Hyla's year begins in early March when he pipes the first chorus of his song, which is sometimes compared to jingling sleigh bells. Responding to the calls of the male frogs, females come to the pond and mate. By mid-April, little more than a week after the eggs have been laid, the tadpoles burst out of their coats of jelly and start to swim in the pond. At the end of July, the tadpoles make the miraculous change into frogs. Then, as fall fills the air and the birds head south, Hyla, too, settles down to hibernate and wait for another spring.

Robert McClung's recognized talent for nature writing and the exquisitely fine detail of Carol Lerner's illustrations together capture the drama of the peeper's life-cycle story, told against the background of the changing seasons.

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