Only One Woof

Only One Woof (Adaptation)

By: James Herriot
Published by: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: 1985
Series: James Herriot's Animal Story Picture Books
List: Best Picture Books for Boys (Age 4-6)

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James Herriot is without a doubt one of the world's best-known vets and best-loved authors. His books have captivated legions of adult readers and are now classics. With Moses the Kitten, he won over many young readers as well.

Now Herriot turns his delightful narrative voice to another story for children. Only One Woof is the story of a sweet but silent sheepdog named Gyp. Raised on a country farm, Gyp is content to cheerfully accompany his master on his rounds of chores and to frolic with the other animals, never once uttering one sound. When Gyp attends the sheepdog championship trials and sees his brother Sweep for the first time since they were separated as pups, his uncharacteristic response pleases and surprises all.

Color illustrations by Peter Barrett (acclaimed illustrator of Moses the Kitten) make enchanting and vivid accompaniment to this charming tale. Herriot once again captures the joy and wonder of life as only a master of writing can do.

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