One Thousand Christmas Beards

One Thousand Christmas Beards

By: Roger Duvoisin
Published by: Alfred A. Knopf
Publication Date: 1955

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AT CHRISTMAS TIME when snowflakes fly all about, when windows are hung with Christmas wreaths and fir trees are bright with lights, all the Santa Clauses come out into the streets. All the Santa Clauses? Are there many Santas? Or is there only one?

The real Santa—who is sure there is only one—was angry, one thousand times angry, to see so many people with red suits like his, and false beards and wigs that make them resemble him—fat ones, thin ones, tall ones, small ones, some with red noses like circus clowns, shabby ones, and neat ones. "By my own real beard," he bellowed, "I'll put an end to these false Santas. There is only one Santa Claus, and that's ME!"

Santa goes from one Santa to the next, snatching beards until he fills his sleigh with a thousand of them, but all ends happily when he realizes that he can be in only one place at a time, and that the fake Santas are merely helping him spread the spirit of Christmas everywhere at once.

Funny enough to be enjoyed in July as well as December, this book is a MUST for every Christmas stocking in the land—especially for those hung by Mr. Duvoisin's already ardent fans.

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