Old Bob's Birds

Old Bob's Birds

By: C.K. (Charles Kenneth) Thompson
Published by: Dymock's Book Arcade
Publication Date: 1950
Series: C.K. Thompson Australian Nature Stories


This is a delightful book that will appeal to children of all ages and especially those of the tenderer years.

Old Bob the sundowner is a character who will endear himself to young readers. So will his two small friends, Roddy and Susan, to whom he imparts all the vast lore of the bush he has gained during a lifetime of wandering.

Readers of Australian nature stories have long since recognised that "Thompson and truth" are synonymous. He writes about his birds and animals as they are and not as fancy would fashion them; thus. "Old Bob" though a great bird lover, does not see his feathered friends through rose-tinted glasses. Like humans, says "Old Bob", the birds all have their little faults. Some of them, indeed, are real villains.

Written in the author's usual captivating style, these stories cannot fail to have a wide appeal. Needless to say, they are well leavened with the irresistible Thompson humour.

A library without this book of our better-known bush birds is a library incomplete.

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Old Bob's Birds Reprint

Old Bob's Birds        
Reprinted in 2017 by Living Book Press
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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