Mr. Pine's Purple House

Mr. Pine's Purple House

By: Leonard Kessler
Edited by: Lilian Moore
Published by: Wonder Book (Division of Grosset & Dunlap)
Publication Date: 1965
List: Wonder Book Easy Reader

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The innumerable children who loved MR. PINE'S MIXED-UP SIGNS will be delighted by his new misadventures. They will also have fun with words—and, incidentally, learn something of the phonic elements. Some will be able to draw an extra dividend—a feeling of why it was important to Mr. Pine that his house should not be just like everybody else's. 

From the book

Mr. Pine's Purple House: 50th Anniversary Edition Reprint

Mr. Pine's Purple House: 50th Anniversary Edition    
Reprinted in 2014 by Purple House Press
Available formats: Hardcover
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Originally reprinted by PHP in 2000, this was the first book they had the privilege to bring back to the public. The original 2000 edition is now out of print, and has been replaced with this 50th anniversary edition.

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