Mozart: Music Magician

Mozart: Music Magician

By: Claire Huchet Bishop
Published by: Garrard Publishing Company
Publication Date: 1968
Series: Garrard's Creative Arts Biographies

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Wolfgang Mozart, one of the greatest geniuses in the history of music, comes alive in this genuinely warm and moving biography for young readers. We follow Mozart's personal life and career from the age of five when he played the harpsichord and composed his first minuet; through his brilliant career as a composer, performer, and conductor; to his last tragic years of poverty, dejection, and early death.

Well-chosen incidents give us insight into the life of this truly great man. We see Mozart, the child, in a close and happy family relationship giving elegant concerts for nobility. We learn of his friendship with Johann Bach, son of the great composer; and we listen as Beethoven asks the adult Mozart to give him piano lessons. A triumph for Mozart, we hear the audience cheer wildly upon completion of his famous masterpiece, Figaro. For contrast, we see Mozart saddened by the death of his parents and his inability to support his family, yet continuing to be inspired to write great music.

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