Moths and Butterflies and How They Live

Moths and Butterflies and How They Live

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1966
Series: Robert McClung "How They Live"

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In this survey of the great order Lepidoptera, which is made up of moths and butterflies, Mr. McClung presents a wealth of scientific information. He begins, in his easy and informal style, with the definition of the order's scientific name. It means "scale-wing," and he explains that the wings of these insects are covered with fine colored dust that is composed of tiny scales.

How can you distinguish a moth from a butterfly? Although there are many similarities in their body structure and life cycle, there are differences between them too. Both are at home all over the globe, from the arctic to the tropics. Some migrate, as birds do, leaving cold temperatures in the North and wintering in the South. This book describes the habits of many species in both groups. It also tells of their favorite foods, their courtship and mating, their enemies, and how nature protects them.

The final chapter contains instructions for collecting and studying specimens. Illustrations enhance the value of the text, both for the general reader and for the enthusiast.

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