Moses the Kitten

Moses the Kitten (Adaptation)

By: James Herriot
Published by: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: 1984
Series: James Herriot's Animal Story Picture Books

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Moses the Kitten is a tiny, bedraggled waif who is lying beside a frozen pond when he is spotted by a passing veterinarian.  The kindly vet takes him to a nearby farmhouse, where the farmer's wife takes pity on the orphan and helps him to recover.  But when he is fit enough to join the other animals on the farm, it turns out that Moses has a very unusual idea of who his mother is.

This delightful story, never before published in America, is one of the author's personal favorites. Moses the Kitten has been enchantingly illustrated by Peter Barrett, and will makes James Herriot, already the world's best-loved vet, a favorite with children and adults alike.

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