Miss Jaster's Garden

Miss Jaster's Garden

By: N.M. Bodecker
Published by: Golden Press
Publication Date: 1972
List: The Best Picture Books for Spring

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Hedgie the hedgehog lives a quiet, peaceful life in a little corner of Miss Jaster's garden—until the morning nearsighted Miss Jaster mistakenly plants some seeds on his back while he is sleeping in the flower bed. Before Hedgie knows it, a colorful bunch of flowers has sprouted among his quills! "I'm in bloom!" he cries.

But when Miss Jaster thinks she sees her flowers walking by themselves, she is convinced that her garden has been pillaged by a flower thief and starts to chase Hedgie. The small, frightened animal runs off, and Miss Jaster must enlist the help of the constable to find her runaway "flower bed." Will Hedgie ever be able to return to the garden he loves?

Originally published in 1972, and named a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year, Miss Jaster's Garden was the first story written by award-winning illustrator N. M. Bodecker. Here, Bodecker seamlessly weaves together an enchanting tale, delightful characters, and gorgeous watercolors to create an enduring, beautiful book. Nostalgic yet timeless, full of understated humor, this classic tale is a joy to read—Miss Jaster and Hedgie will steal the hearts of everyone who visits their garden.

From the dust jacket of The Purple House Press Reprint 

Miss Jaster's Garden Reprint

Miss Jaster's Garden Abridged    
Reprinted in 2017 by Purple House Press
Available formats: Hardcover
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This version is slightly edited from the original, illustrations are enlarged to fill the page space more fully.

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